A Powerful Natural Antioxidant for Health and Beauty

Sex, Fertility, and Pregnancy - Alpha Lipoic Acid Can Help

Alpha lipoic acid can help you achieve and maintain a healthy sex life and pregnancy.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Can Help Improve Male Fertility

Did you know antioxidants could protect fertility and actually increase the chances of having children? Find out which toxins are known to increase the risk of infertility in both men and how alpha lipoic acid may help.  (ii.17155)

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Alpha Lipoic Acid Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

Alpha lipoic acid can improve and protect female fertility and may help reduce birth defects. (ii.38154171-175)

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Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction with Alpha Lipoic Acid

Learn how alpha lipoic acid may prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes. (ii.186188)

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