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Can You Get Alpha Lipoic Acid From Your Diet?

Beef, broccoli, and spinach are some of the foods that contain high levels of alpha lipoic acid.

Because our bodies make alpha lipoic acid, it is not considered a vitamin. Alpha lipoic acid is available in some foods, where it is typically bound to the amino acid lysine. Some food sources for alpha lipoic acid include: (i.22)

Only tiny amounts of alpha lipoic acid are found in the food we eat. However, experts suggest combining foods (such as broccoli and spinach) that contain alpha lipoic acid and certain other beneficial nutrients enhances their antioxidant effectiveness. (i.23)

What we use is primarily manufactured by the body. There's very little, if any, left over after cell mitochondria use it to make cell energy (ATP) and to recycle antioxidants (particularly GSH). As we age, the amount of alpha lipoic acid our bodies produce declines. Since food contains so little alpha lipoic acid, experts recommend taking supplements. Concentrated amounts of alpha lipoic acid are available—without a prescription—in capsule form from health food stores and online sites. (i.2627)

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