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Could Alpha Lipoic Acid Help Stop Hair Loss?

Help stop hair loss with antioxidants such as anti-inflammatory alpha lipoic acid.

Research suggests alpha lipoic acid's anti-inflammatory properties may help slow thinning hair. In common male and female pattern balding, chronic inflammation of hair follicles contributes to hair loss. Another factor is the conversion of testosterone to DHT, a compound that can damage hair follicles. Substances that block the enzyme involved in this conversion are currently used to stop hair loss. (v.7)

Lab studies show that a combination of natural compounds can deliver a two-prong attack on dysfunctional hair follicles. The substances include: (v.7)

  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Carnitine
  • Saw palmetto

Alpha lipoic acid and carnitine can help reduce inflammation, while saw palmetto stops DHT formation. (v.7)

Counteracting Hair Loss from Toxins

In animal studies, alpha lipoic acid derivatives helped prevent hair loss caused by chemotherapy. Researchers say that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of alpha lipoic acid could protect hair follicles from free radicals produced by chemo drugs. (v.55)

In one case study, alpha lipoic acid may have helped regrow hair loss caused by anthrax vaccination. The dose of alpha lipoic acid was 200 mg/day, in combination with a vitamin supplement and 60 mg/day of zinc(v.56)

Androgenetic alopecia. (v.7)
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