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Alpha Lipoic Acid Protects Kidneys

Kidney Health

Animal research and human clinical studies show that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of alpha lipoic acid could help keep your kidneys healthy. Alpha lipoic acid can also help prevent damage to other organs caused by kidney disease. (ii.1856118)

Table II.7: Alpha Lipoic Acid's Effects in Kidney Conditions
Condition Benefit from Alpha Lipoic Acid

Advanced kidney disease

Clinical Trial

The anti-inflammatory effects of alpha lipoic acid supplements could help reduce risk of heart disease in patients on hemodialysis. (ii.18)

Chronic kidney disease

Alpha lipoic acid could reduce calcification and cell damage. (ii.19)

Heavy metal exposure

Chronic exposure to low levels of lead and mercury is linked to higher risk for kidney disease. Both heavy metals cause free radical damage to the cells in arteries, and lead damages smooth muscle cells. (ii.56118)

Studies show that alpha lipoic acid can help reduce the toxic effects of exposure to lead. When combined with a chelating compound, alpha lipoic acid was even more effective. (ii.56118)

Some research indicates alpha lipoic may also be effective against mercury, but other studies indicate alpha lipoic acid doesn't reduce mercury levels in blood. (ii.56)

Carbon tetrachloride exposure

Helps prevent damage from this toxic industrial chemical by quenching free radicals. It also protects kidney function. (ii.106)

Acetaminophen poisoning

The antioxidant benefits of alpha lipoic acid could counteract toxic effects of overdosing on this common pain-relieving medicine in kidneys. (ii.119)

Malathion exposure

Alpha lipoic acid may protect kidneys from the severe damage that can be caused by this pesticide. (ii.109)

Nuclear radiation

Clinical Study

Supplements of alpha lipoic acid may even protect kidneys against radiation damage. In one study, 400 mg/day alpha lipoic acid supplements normalized kidney function in children after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor incident. (ii.110)

Amikacin, gentamicin, and vancomycin toxicity

Alpha lipoic acid could protect kidneys from the toxic side effects of these antibacterial drugs. (ii. 121-123)

Cancer-causing compound used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, and rubber industries and to make solvents, pesticides, and cleaning chemicals. (ii. 99)
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