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Help Prevent Stomach Ulcers

Anti-inflammatory antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid could help prevent stomach ulcers caused by aspirin or alchol.

Ulcers are a common condition globally. Many factors (including NSAIDs, smoking, stress, and alcohol) increase the risk of developing these painful lesions in the stomach lining. Results from multiple animal studies suggest that alpha lipoic acid could help prevent gastric ulcers. (ii.200)

  • Preventing Ulcers Caused by Aspirin. In one study, rats were given alpha lipoic acid 30 minutes before aspirin for 2-4 weeks. Specimens from their stomach lining were examined and compared to an untreated group given only aspirin and with a control group given nothing. (ii.201)

    The aspirin group showed significant ulcerative damage. However, researchers found that the stomachs of the alpha lipoic acid treated rats were comparable to the undamaged, healthy control group. (ii.201)

  • Preventing Ulcers Caused by Alcohol. Taking alpha lipoic acid on a regular basis may reduce ulcerative damage caused by alcohol, according to another animal study. Rats pretreated with alpha lipoic acid prior to inducing gastric ulcers showed less tissue and DNA cell damage. Alpha lipoic acid also increased natural antioxidants, reduced signs of inflammation, and protected blood flow to the stomach lining. (ii.202)

Interestingly, some researchers are now proposing anti-gastric ulcer drugs to treat burning mouth syndrome — a condition that alpha lipoic acid has shown clinical benefit in for some patients. (ii.203)

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