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Alpha Lipoic Acid and Thyroid Function

Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland doesn't produce enought thyroid hormone. Symptoms include thinning hair, dry skin, and weight gain.

Located in the neck, the thyroid gland is critical to many metabolic functions. Can antioxidants such as alpha lipoic acid prevent or treat thyroid dysfunction, or complications of thyroid conditions? Promising studies suggest they can. (204-206)

Radiation Protection

Hypothyroidism can be caused by radiation exposure, including radiation for cancer treatment. Currently there's no drug that can prevent this thyroid damage. However, recent results from preclinical animal studies suggest that alpha lipoic acid may help protect the thyroid gland. Conversely alpha lipoic acid has demonstrated a number of anticancer effects on thyroid cancer cell lines. (ii.42207-208)

Did You Know Thyroid Dysfunction Can Affect Your Arteries?

Hypothyroidism is also linked to suboptimal functioning in arteries. The good news is that alpha lipoic acid can improve artery function. (ii.205)

Clinical Study

In a clinical study, 40 patients recently diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism were randomly assigned to receive either intravenous alpha lipoic acid daily or nothing for 3 weeks. All patients had impaired artery function, as measured by ultrasound dilation tests. 20 patients with normal thyroids, and normal artery function, were used as a control group. (ii.205)

Artery function significantly improved in those who took alpha lipoic acid and unchanged in those who took nothing. As an antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid also substantially reduced free radicals in the blood. Researchers found that the more free radicals were reduced, the greater the improvement in artery function. It should be noted that 3 weeks of alpha lipoic acid did not alter thyroid hormone levels, however. (ii.205)

Hypothyroidism and Burning Mouth Syndrome

A common disorder affecting middle-aged women, burning mouth syndrome (BMS) causes symptoms in the tongue, lip, and upper palate. Clinical studies show that many patients with BMS actually have abnormally low thyroid hormone levels. The good news is that treatment with alpha lipoic acid can relieve BMS symptoms in some patients. (ii.206209)

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