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Is Combining Alpha Lipoic Acid with Exercise Dangerous for your Heart?

Benefits of exercise on the heart and high dose antioxidants.

In a few small studies, taking a high dose combination of antioxidants (alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin E) after exercising reversed the benefits of exercise on blood pressure and blood flow. Recently researchers have suggested that this is because antioxidants block the beneficial adaptive responses of muscle cell mitochondria to exercise, and that antioxidant supplements may even be harmful. However, other experts have disputed these findings and conclusions. (iv.117-121)

Expert caution using high dose antioxidants after exercise.

Animal and clinical research continues to indicate alpha lipoic acid (by itself and combined with other vitamins or exercise) is helpful for many conditions that affect heart health. These include: (iv.94121)

Clinical evidence indicates alpha lipoic acid could also improve the effectiveness of certain types of heart medications. What's the bottom line? Consult with your doctor before adding or changing any nutritional supplements to your diet, including alpha lipoic acid. (iv.91)

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